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Ronald Reagan Building Skylight and Gutter Leak Repairs

Project Description: This project involved repairs to two cylindrical and one conical skylights and vertical glass (1,151 bays covering approx. 30,00 SF), as well as two adjacent gutters to stop water infiltration into the main atrium of the Ronald Reagan Office Building during heavy rains. The skylight scope of work included removal of the existing, deteriorating caulk, then cleaning and priming prior to re-caulking with the designated DOW sealant. It also involved replacement of damaged glass panels.  Gutter work included the removal of the existing EPDM and installation of a new cold process liquid applied membrane system. Work was also done to gutter drains and overflow drains, followed by extensive water testing to ensure the success of the work.

Project Location: Washington, DC

Owner: General Services Administration

Cost of Construction: $2.3M

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