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IRS Courtyard Parking and Loading Dock Renovation 

Project Description: Under contract to GSA, SEG completed the demolition and reconstruction of the IRS’s loading dock courtyard area comprised of approximately 13,000 SF. The scope of work included removing the existing topcoat and first course of stonework on the building’s facade, installation of new water-proofing and the pouring of a new concrete slab. SEG’s structural engineers worked with GSA’s Contracting Officer’s Representative and the Designer of Record to revise the design due to constructability issues, resulting in major plumbing redesign and reinstallation to correct the existing drainage issues. Approximately 3,000 SF of concrete repairs were performed on the existing slab and beams were replaced due to water infiltration. In addition, the project required the temporary removal and reinstallation of electrical and mechanical equipment. 

Project Location: Washington, DC

Owner: General Services Administration

Cost of Construction: $4M

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