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DHS Auxiliary Police Station

Project Description: HUGH-SEG JV,LLC was awarded a design-build contract to renovate a 4,500 SF area within the existing Postal Square Building near Capitol Hill. The project involved creating a new design for space to meet the end-user’s (Department of Homeland Security) requirements for an auxiliary police station. The robust security requirements included a Closed-Circuit Video System (CCVS), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Physical Access Control System (PACS), as well as an Audio/Visual Intercom System. Two dedicated non-switching single duplex 120 VAC electrical outlets were designed to connect the Security systems. After construction, HUGH-SEG provided hands-on familiarization training for the facility’s staff. The training included the full operation and control of the CCVS equipment, administration, and maintenance.

Project Location: Washington, DC

Owner: General Services Administration

Cost of Construction: $800K

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