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Colonial Parkway Bridge Repairs

Project Description: The bridges crossing Halfway Creek, Kings Creek and Felsgate Creek were all exhibiting widespread deterioration of their deck surfaces and undersides, girders, piers and abutments. The work consisted of repairing concrete and reinforcement on girders, deck underside, and substructure; cleaning and sealing bridge decks; cleaning and sealing joints; replacing expansion joints; repairing structural concrete cracks; replacing bearing anchor bolts; placing riprap at the Felsgate Creek Bridge; extending scuppers; patching exposed aggregate concrete pavement; and other miscellaneous work. The Colonial Parkway bridges are part of the Yorktown Battlefield site overseen by the National Park Service and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The 23-mile Parkway connects Historic Jamestown through Colonial Williamsburg, to the Yorktown Battlefields where Cornwallis surrendered to Washington in 1781, effectively ending the Revolutionary War.

Project Location: Washington, DC

Owner: US Department of Transportation

Cost of Construction: $1.5M

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